Brand Sharda is a concept which had its origin in the key quality of Sharda as a creative design house offering world class product innovations. The product brand from Sharda is the crystallization of the core idea of innovation delivered through superior design and quality.
The Brand packs innovation and surprise in new wave ideas resting on three main pillars of product differentiation.

At Sharda, we follow work culture that stimulates and encourages innovative ideas which help in fostering growth of both employees and the organization. We are passionate about the work we do. We follow a transparent system keeping the communication channels open, thereby enabling people to communicate freely. We ensure that all employees get to work in an environment which is :

Performance Oriented: We have a high performance work culture and performance linked incentive schemes. Variable pay for data based achievements against goals reaching upto 20%, is paid monthly.

Demanding: Sharda gives a challenging and demanding career profile to its employees.

Fair & Rewarding: Every employee is treated with dignity, fairness and work in an environment conducive to research, learning, innovation as well as personal growth.
The Core Values that threads the company culture are:

- Respect for the individual
- Social Responsibility
- Innovation and continuous learning
- Collaboration and Teamwork
- Quality

The above mentioned values not only foster good business practices, but also provide a nurturing environment in which employees can reach their highest potential.

The whole experience of working at Sharda is centered around having a great time while striving for excellence. With a mantra of making work not just serious and result driven, but also fun and exciting, we regularly take many initiatives as part of employee engagement program. These initiatives also help us in creating a bond with anyone and everyone who is a part of our big family. Some of the employee initiatives taken by us in the past are listed below :

• An annual sports meet for the employees.
• Two ‘3 day offsite trips’ which help in team bonding and personal development of employees every year.
• 4 - 5 movie screenings every year where we book the entire theatre for ourselves.
• New year party with live performances and awards for outstanding performers.
• Regular medical checkup camps for group employees and families, where specialist doctors provided consultancy and minor surgical benefits.
• Special training through faculty from Civil Defense Organization.
• We regularly provide firefighting trainings to our employees to enable them to be prepared in adverse situations.
• In order to honor commitment and loyalty, ‘Loyalty gifts’ and ‘Loyalty Leaves’ are given to long serving employees.
• We also organize several short and long training sessions each month covering areas of product knowledge, production knowledge, communication skills, fire safety, first aid, ISO processes, quality management, shipping process, banking process etc.

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